Frequently Asked Questions

After processing by this instrument, the alternating current (AC) is transformed to static electric energy, which can make all parts of the user vibrated from 50-60 times per second, therefore the imbalance of the body tissues and organs are fully recovered, the inherent healing capacity of human is improved, the cells will be activated effectively, the nerve conduction function will be strengthened, and the gastrointestinal motility will be accelerated so as to achieve the treatment of chronic constipation.

It has no side effect. At the beginning of use, there is an improvement reaction. However, such a reaction is temporary but it’s not a side effect.

Whether electricity is safe to flow through the human body depends on current intensity. AWA multifunctional high potential therapeutic equipment is a device with very high voltage but very small current. It only applies a high voltage electric field on the body while on less than 0.5-1.5MA current flows through the body. Therefore, it is extremely safe. In addition, such up-to-date Therapeutic apparatus is widely applied in household in advance countries. Therefore, you can use the apparatus with ease.

Yes, you can. It is unnecessary to take off metal articles, such as watch, ring, etc. when the apparatus is turned on. However, a person equipped with peacemaker should not use this apparatus. Besides, a person with a hearing aid should not use the apparatus unless it is removed.

Generally, any people other than those in the contraindication range and children of over 3 years may use the apparatus.