AWA H002

A multi-functional high electrical potential therapy device which is based on biomedical theory. The device place people in the high voltage and low frequency alternative electric field, then the body cells, body fluid, nerves will discharge silently affected by the electric field. The combined effect of air ion flow and ozone will put the body zwitterion and electric doublet in a right order.



After processing this instrument, the alternating current (AC) is transformed to static electric energy, which can make all parts of the user vibrate from 50-60 times per second, therefore the imbalance of the body tissues and organs are fully recovered, the inherent healing capacity of human is improved, the cells will be activated effectively, the nerve conduction function will be strengthened, and the gastrointestinal motility will be accelerated so as to achieve the treatment of chronic constipation.




  1. High potential Therapy
  2. Ion Negative Therapy
  3. Negative ion generator
  4. Partial treatment therapy


  • headache
  • insomnia
  • osteoarticular pain
  • chronic constipation